Saturday, January 26, 2013

Practicing the Alphabet

Part of being an artist is that I tend to draw a lot. Much of the fun of making art is in the making. And sometimes I want to make things, but I don't want to wait around for great inspiration. In those cases, I know I can use an old stand-by excuse to draw or paint, like the alphabet. (I've heard of some artists returning to themes like rural Pennsylvania with brown paint, or sad European clowns with blue paint.)

As a graphic designer, I also need to practice designing things. And as a web designer, I need to practice making web things too.

As an excuse to draw something, I did ink illustrations of each of the letters of the alphabet. To design something, I made a web page to display them. And for a web design project, I made it with one html page that uses jquery to change the images when a letter is clicked. Plus, the layout will change if it is viewed on a small screen.

Go ahead and have a look!