Saturday, January 30, 2021

Mechanically Minded

A mechanic looking at a car engine

When I was very young, I sometimes daydreamed about the magic of the internal combustion engine. As I got older and learned how it worked, I was even more impressed. Imagine, harnessing the power of controlled explosions!

I am usually happy with a theoretical understanding of things. I have zero interest in actually working on car engines. I don't actually like to get my hands dirty with real work. (I'm happy to get my hands, clothes, floor, and work area dirty from painting, but that's different.)

We are expecting a big snow fall starting tomorrow, so I went outside to see if my snow-blower would start. Happily it did, but it is running pretty rough. I suppose I will have to leave my theories behind and get practical with this engine. Maybe I can draw or paint it later.